Revisiting of tradition

In our restaurant you will have the opportunity to have a culinary experience of high Italian gastronomy. You can choose between two different types of dishes as our chef offers a more refined cuisine, studied and cooked with a pinch of creativity, but also traditional dishes that satisfy everyone's tastes.

Our collaborators are prepared to always serve you the best recipes, prepared with the utmost attention to raw materials and cooking.

Come and try our menu and discover all we have to offer.

Our products

The ingredients used give us maximum quality and authenticity through Italian specialties and PDO and PGI products, always maintaining the common thread with tradition and with our politics and habits. The fundamental point especially follows the tradition: using healthy and quality ingredients.
We use fish and meat only of the highest quality, in respect of seasonality and predominantly local origin also for fruit and vegetables.
Seasonality is important to us and therefore our menu is always influenced.


A wide selection of local, national and international wines and beers

La Clessidra Restaurant offers more than 200 labels selected from a complete wine cellar and enriched with quality spirits. By us, when you open a bottle, you can finish enjoying it at home, in fact after a lunch or dinner, the wine that remains you we pack it, so you can take it home and finish it quietly.
Furthermore, the presence of the professional sommelier Daniele gives you the opportunity to have the right advice for an excellent dish-wine pairing.